Thursday, May 8, 2008

Day 19. They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit! Today's weight: 251.5lbs (still down 15lb.)

Feeling very low today! Wondering if I have what I takes to continue on this. I'm very bored with with this. The HGH make me gag now. I'm getting hungry much sooner in between meals, and not staying satisfied as long after meals. It's getting very hard to drink the water, even if flavor it with a no-calorie, no-sugar powder. I'm having constipation, so I've started an all natural laxative at night. I'm really trying to exercise regularly for muscle tone, and keep metabolism from slowing.

Meals today: Off plan for the most part.

Releana Sublingual drops.
Breakfast: Coffee with 1Tbsp milk.

Snack: None

Lunch: Antipasto salad w/ lettuce tomato, black olives, pepperonici peppers, cheese, salami, ham and vinaigrette dressing with whole grain bread & diet coke.

Snack: Apple & water

Dinner: Rotisserie chicken 2 slicess whole grain bread, diet coke.
Vitamin & lipo supplements.


Will try to continue. Didn't weigh in this week, but will first thing Monday.

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