Sunday, May 4, 2008

Moving Right Along!

Day 15 -Things have certainly swung in the right direction! Today's weight 251.5lbs (down 15lbs).

Well, the shock is still resonating in my mind, with the image of the scales this morning! It seems that modifications in my VLCD to fit MY lifestyle, is proving to be beneficial. Dr. Simeon (sp) said in his 'Pounds and Inches Protocol' that the most tiresome patient's are those that use their little books to come up with all kinds of combinations that equal 500 calories, and then wonder why they don't get the results they desire, when one has spent many years of research putting the right foods together". Well I can't quote him verbatim, but you get the idea. Well, they may be tiresome to him and doctors like him, but when you have 125lbs to lose, any GREAT reduction in calories done over a long period of time consistently will produce a loss! Such is the case with me apparently!

Meals for today: (my modified VLCD)

Breakfast: Chai Tea w/Splenda
Releana Sublingual Drops

Snack: Nothing. (no time, at church)

Lunch: 2 Egg whites lightly scrambled with 2 tbsp milk, salt & pepper, 1 handful baby spinach, and 1 tbsp grated parmesan cheese. 1 sv Melba Toast & water.
Vitamins and Supplements.

Snack: Apple & No-calorie, no sugar beverage.

Dinner: Will be eating out today. Very special occasion. Cannot back out.

Motto: Eat what I can, share the rest. Above all NO GUILT!

Happy Sunday!

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