Friday, May 2, 2008

Start Stop! Start Stop! What?...Day 13 Today's weight 255lbs (still down 11.5lbs.)

Not moving at all! Beginning to wonder if this is worth it? It's like car with bad gas in it. The motor sputters and stalls over and over. I haven't had any energy lately. I'm wondering if the lack of carbohydrates is causing this. I'm not use to not being able to eat whole grains for digestive health, dairy for bones, even carrots and other colored vegetables for the betacarotene, heart healthy fatty fish like salmon, and eggs or egg whites for muscle building protein. I'm not sure this diet is a way of life. It seems to me, that it's too long of a weight loss phase, not eating foods that are proven to be healthy for you and necessary. The HGH may be doing something to the fat, and the lipotropic supplements I take maybe breaking down some fats in difficult places, but I'm not so sure how this will continue. Especially, without exercise to build muscle as you lose the fat. With the HGH working on fat, and the lipotropic supplements working on fat, what's working on muscle building? The heart is a muscle, and it needs to be strengthened as well. Also Carbohydrates are very important to cardiac health and boosting metabolism and brain function! I'm having significant brain fog, forgetfulness, and problems concentrating.

By the same token, I'm still afraid to just abandon this altogether! After all, calorie restriction will produce a weight loss, but it will also cause a slow down in the metabolism, which will in turn slow weight loss. I need exercise! I don't know what to do! I need to do more research on VLCD's and the benefits versus risks.

Meals today were:

Coffee w/ 1Tbsp Milk & splenda

Apple & Green Tea flavored water at mid-morning

Grilled chicken salad with vinaigrette dressing & more flavored water at lunch

No snack

Dinner: Broiled white-fish, cole slaw with vinegar dressing, salt & pepper, and Crystal Lite to drink.

Took Releana upon awaking and just before starting dinner.

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