Saturday, May 3, 2008

WOW! All I have to Say!

Day 14 -Today's weight 253.5lbs! (down 13lbs)

Wow is all I have to say! Scales show a loss of 2lbs! Did not expect it! Will not pre-judge the program anymore.

Meals plan today:

Breakfast: Coffee w/1Tbsp milk & Splenda

Snack: Apple & Water

Lunch: Crabmeat salad over Romaine Lettuce and vinaigrette dressing, 1 piece Melba Toast.

Snack: 1 Orange & water

Dinner: 1/2 Boneless chicken breast broiled and cut up over lettuce with tomato basil salsa. and taco seasonings. No-calorie, no sugar beverage.

Bedtime: Chai Tea at bedtime.

I'm so excited! Still working on the energy part. Did some research last night on VLCD. There are a lot of mixed opinions. I'm still going to follow what I think is best for me and my body! As long as I can feel good doing a weight loss plan, I will be able to continue it. Weight loss is easy, keeping it off is the goal!

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