Friday, April 25, 2008

Keep on Movin' Day 6 - Today's weight still 256lbs. (down 10lbs)

Trying to keep motivation going. I've dieted so much in the past that it doesn't take much to lower motivation. The weight loss is a good motivation, but it's gonna take more than that this time! I'm learning. Weight loss is about more than the weight. It's about changing your life, including the way you think about yourself, not just the way you think about the food. I haven't really experienced this personally, but others, I know, that have successfully changed their lives, as well as their bodies all tell me the same things. You can see it when you look at them, even from a distance.

Any hoo....

Meals for today are:

Coffee w/1Tbsp milk & Splenda

1/2 Grapefruit

3 1/2oz lean beef sirloin broiled, 3 1/2oz boiled cabbage, water

Granny Smith apple

Steamed shrimp and broccoli, water.

Out for coffee with a friend

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