Thursday, April 24, 2008

OK...I'm still hungry What This?

I'm still hungry! No real loss either! Today's weight -256.0lbs No loss

It could be because...Well I'm not sure why! Today I weighed my food as instructed, but I did eat 2 Grissini bread sticks at dinner. Maybe that's the reason. I went back to read the Simeons Pounds & Inches Manuscript, and went over the Releana VLCD that was given to me by my Doc. All I can come really come up with, is that because I'm a woman, I lose weight differently and a different rate. I leanred that even though the amount of weight lost during Phase II is pretty much the same for both men and women, that the amount of loss on a daily basis is different. Example, where a man may continue to lose at the rate of 1 to 3 pounds a day, a woman may lose a pound one day, then gain nothing another day, and have a dramatic loss the next day. I understand the lack of a weight drop, but I'm wondering why I'm hungry?

Well, I'm not quitting, just want some answers or reassurance. Will see the Doc on Monday to weigh in. Will see what she has to say.

Meals today were:

Coffee w/ 1Tbsp skim milk 1 packet Splenda

Apple & water

3 1/2 oz micro-steamed shrimp over spinach leaves topped with pureed tomatoes, cucumbers, allowed Italian seasoning, onion powder, salt & pepper, 4 tbsp water. & water to drink. 1 Grissini breadstick.

1 orange & water

3 1/2 oz Boneless chicken breast seasoned and oven broiled, 3 1/2oz Asparagus tips w/garlic powder, Crystal lite to drink.

Nothing before bed.

I did drink all my water today plus! I will leave off the Grissini or melba toast tomorrow and the Crystal lite (even though the Doc says it's OK). I'm not allowed to do cardio exercises because of the severe calorie restriction, it's not good for my heart. I'm allowed to start some mild weigh training twice weekly though. I have a home gym (my husband's) so I will start there. Bought a new machine that came today called the Body Energizer! It's a body vibrator. My Doc has one in her office and patient's that are enrolled in the weight loss programs are allowed to use the machine twice a week for free. Since I will be working, and not able to get to her office, I managed to find a machine for personal use online at It vibrates the body thus causing the unwanted fat cells to breakdown and be absorbed into the blood stream and then be excreted from the body via the kidneys. I'm really sure about the science of this machine, but supposedly using this machine for 10 minutes is the equivalent of 1 hour of aerobic exercise. I tend to believe that based on the way I felt after trying it in the office! I felt as if my legs, arms and hips were burning, like they do when I walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes to an hour. I'll use this twice a week until I can add more food to my diet and begin light cardio workouts.

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