Monday, April 28, 2008

STOP! LOOK BOTH WAYS! - PROCEED! Traffic has slowed today! Day 9 - Today's weight 255lbs (holding down 11.5lbs)

No disaappointment about no weight loss! I know exactly what happened! I didn't get in all my water yesterday, and that for sure is what affected my weight. I think I will see a change tomorrow (I hope). It will be a new routine for me as I go back to work. Will have to put in place my new "staying on track" plan so I want yield to the tempations that will be waiting for me at lunch time everyday when I go to work. That's what life is about! Challenges, and setbacks, Hills & valleys, Ups and Downs. Bring it on!

Meals planned for today:

Coffee w/1Tbsp milk.

Snack: Apple & Melba toast (as I will be away from home)

Lunch: Crabmeat over lettuce and sliced cucumbers & water

Snack: 1/2 Grapefruit w/ Splenda

Dinner: Talapia w/asparagus

Bedtime: Green Tea.

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